Hand Made Nails, packs of 10.

Hand Made, Hand Forged Nails
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  • Item #: HNABS

Hand Made, hand forged Nails in 40mm(4d), 70mm(9d), and 100mm(20d) lengths. The 40 mm nail has a head that is 6mm square. The 70 mm nail has a 8mm square head. The 100 mm nail has aan 8 x 10 mm rectangular head. These nails add a realistic touch if you want to achieve the look of the colonial period. Used with leather gaskets, and clinched they have endured for 300 years in many museum piece houses. Hand Made and hand forged, blackened, and coated with beeswax the way these were made over 200 years ago. Sold in packs of 10.  

Sorry we are out of the 6mm x 70mm nails, and are low on the other two sizes. Please call Bob at (603) 289-5027 for availability before placing an order.

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Price $11.84